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Soundscapes Volume III

Experience the Sounds of Legend!

With ZREO Soundscapes, you actually feel like you are inside the world of Hyrule. The unmistakable sounds of the legendary landscapes make their way into this tantalizing compilation album. Memorable and trademark moments within the Zelda legacy have been captured on CD for a personal, immersive experience. We’ve recreated the world of Hyrule, and key moments throughout its history, that must be heard!

While listening to the wide variety of music and sound on this album, imagine standing in the middle of Hyrule Market, trying to make your way through the crowds of people, but overhearing the talk of a mighty hero attempting to save the land. Feel the heat flaces and dust storms of Gerudo Desert, while you squint into the sky and see a vulture waiting for you to collapse on the ground. Take a personal journey into Hyrule Castle for the first time, in the middle of a late-night thunderstorm! All these experiences and more are waiting for you on ZREO Soundscapes!